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Dear readers,

In this 16th issue of KNOW-HUB's newsletter, we focus on our German consortium partner Weser-Ems' progress in establishing a RIS. This newsletter also highlights the changes in the EU Cohesion Policy Regulation, especially the ones related to smart specialisation and synergies between the "European Structural and Investment Funds" and Horizon2020 and other EU programmes.

The consortium has been working hard on the KNOW-HUB wiki, and we're proud to present you some new contributions by experts such as Daniel Kipp, Guillermo Aleixandre and Christian Saublens.

The KNOW-HUB team hopes you enjoy this newsletter and will continue to read through further issues and forward them to anyone you know who may be interested.


Wisdom, knowledge, information, facts seen from the perspective of creativity and innovation 2014.01.23.

To conceptualize the process of "management of..." information, data, knowledge, creativity and innovation is important since provide a solid basis for appropriate decision making process

Progress of RIS in German Weser-Ems Region 2014.01.23.

Implementation has been prepared

Cohesion Policy Regulations 2014.01.20.

The new rules and legislation governing the next round of EU Cohesion Policy investment for 2014-2020 have been formally endorsed by the Council of the European Union and have been published in 24 languages on December 20 in the 'Official Journal of the EU'. Below the articles that concern smart specialisation and synergies between the "European Structural and Investment Funds" and Horizon2020 and other EU programmes in the "Common Provisions Regulation".


Economic development for cultural and creative industries 2014.01.21.

Cultural and creative industries (CCIs) have a great potential to create growth and jobs in Europe. In many cities and regions CCIs have a significant impact on smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. In the EU cultural and creative sectors account for 3.3 % of GDP and employ 6.7 million people (3 % of total employment). Because of a high rate of self-employed people in cultural and creative industries the number of workers is even higher. Due to these facts the strengthening and support of CCIs form a central part of smart specialisation strategies on local, regional and national levels, also in rural areas.

Commercialisation of research results 2014.01.20.

Introducing a result of a research project into a new product/service/process/solution.

Absorption by SMEs of external knowledge in regional innovation policy - delivery mechanism 2013.12.16.

Means of supporting quicker take up by regional stakeholders of knowledge created regionally or in another region.

Governance 2013.12.16.

Governance can be defined as the ability of all stakeholders to design and commit resources to shape and implement a vision or a strategy.

Clusters in RIS3 2013.12.10.

Michael Porter introduced in the early 1990s the concept of cluster as a geographic concentration of firms and organisations working in related activities.


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