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This issue of the KNOW-HUB newsletter contains some very interesting material for regional stakeholders, such as the European Commission's Guide on Enabling Synergies between ESIF, H2020 and COSME and the Report of the Expert Group on Public Sector Innovation.


We also recommend having a look at McKinsey & Company's Strategic Principles for Competing in the Digital Age, which highlights the six critical decisions CEOs must make to address the strategic challenge posed by the digital revolution and The Three Pillars of Invention Analysis by Michael Manion, which explores the three main elements of making an invention a commercially viable project.


The KNOW-HUB team hopes you enjoy this newsletter and wishes you pleasant summer holidays.


Business service sector 2014.04.30.

Business Services will play a central role in the reindustrialization of Europe, both through the provision of innovative and productive services to other firms, and through the servitization of manufacturing.

Entrepreurial discovery process:The Three Pillars of Invention Analysis by Michael Manion 2014.05.21.

There are three main elements to making an invention a commercially viable project, and that invention needs to be strong in all three of these in order to succeed.

Are we measuring what really matters? - by Paul4innovating's Blog 2014.05.21.

Today, it is the non-financial performance, made up of mostly the intangibles within organizations, that is accounting for upwards of 80% of present investors’ valuation of our organizations.

Strategic principles for competing in the digital age - by McKinsey & Company 2014.05.22.

Digitization is rewriting the rules of competition, with incumbent companies most at risk of being left behind.McKinsey and Company have listed six critical decisions CEOs must make to address the strategic challenge posed by the digital revolution.

Powering European Public Sector Innovation: Towards A New Architecture 2014.05.22.

This report of the Expert Group on Public Sector Innovation has shown that the public sector has be en fostering innovation in the private sector, from smaller innovations to more radical ones like railroads and the Internet. The public sector provides both funding to private companies and develops key technologies itself, like nanotechnology, by investing in the early stages of these technologies when uncertainties are too high for private companies.

EU State Aid/General Block Exemption Regulation 2014.05.26.

The Commission's General Block Exemption Regulation has just been published.

S3 should be outward-looking, why not benchmark yourself against China? 2014.06.20.

Innovation Lessons From China - Foreign businesspeople complain that China doesn’t play fair. But anybody involved in international business should treat China not only as a place to sell but also as a place to learn.

Enabling synergies between ESIF, Horizon 2020, COSME, etc.: Guidance for policy-makers and implementing bodies 2014.07.03.

Guide on synergies between European Structural and Investment Funds, Horizon 2020 and other innovation and competitiveness related EU programmes now available online


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