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The idea of this section is to provide European regions with an encyclopaedia in the field of innovation policy and strategic innovation policy management. Articles will be interconnected, wikipedia like.

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Knowledge transfer in RIS 3

Knowledge transfer is a term used in economics. It refers to the "dissemination of technical or technological knowledge from creation towards the use in the production process. Knowledge transfer means the institutionally-planned, time-limited, private or state-supported process of diffusion or spread of technology to economic utilization by third parties.
2014. 12. 19.

Social innovation and smart specialisation strategies

A social innovation is a new product, process, service, organizational model or solution that provides an answer to social needs unmet by the market or the public sector. Some use a narrower definition, namely workplace innovation: the development of new labour market integration, new jobs, new forms of labour participation and human resources management.
2014. 12. 19.

Strengthening regional innovation capacity from the bottom to gain excellence on top-level

Smart specialisation in regional innovation policy is striving for excellence in specific sectors or market niches [1]. The identification of a limited set of key enabling technologies and their thorough application is indispensable for the market success. Does this mean at the same time that regional innovation strategies for smart specialisation should be limited to these top technologies with their related markets/sectors and should neglect the bottom of the innovation pyramid?
2014. 12. 18.

Entrepreneurial education in universities

Smart specialisation is essentially based on a process of entrepreneurial discovery. As the University is one of the main actors in research and innovation, it’s interesting to raise some questions related to their role in RIS3, and specifically how do they participate in the entrepreneurial process of discovery.
2014. 02. 26.

Regional Innovation Strategies

A Regional Innovation Strategy (RIS) is a method for developing regional policies in the area of innovation, based on the assumption that it is not only the presence of technological know-how that is important, but also the business climate and the level of cooperation between the stakeholders.
2014. 01. 21.

Economic development for cultural and creative industries

Cultural and creative industries (CCIs) have a great potential to create growth and jobs in Europe. In many cities and regions CCIs have a significant impact on smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. In the EU cultural and creative sectors account for 3.3 % of GDP and employ 6.7 million people (3 % of total employment). Because of a high rate of self-employed people in cultural and creative industries the number of workers is even higher. Due to these facts the strengthening and support of CCIs form a central part of smart specialisation strategies on local, regional and national levels, also in rural areas.