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The idea of this section is to provide European regions with an encyclopaedia in the field of innovation policy and strategic innovation policy management. Articles will be interconnected, wikipedia like.

2013. 06. 22.

Emerging sectors and industries as important element of regional innovation policy

The idea of emerging sectors and industries is based on the need of long-term changes of the European industrial base including service industries. Europe has to identify and exploit new growth areas and business opportunities in order to restore the economic growth and address the societal challenges. The process of unlocking the growth potential requires relevant policy alignment where the innovation and cluster policies are the key policy instruments to support this.
2013. 06. 12.

Innovation in traditional sectors

Innovations have specific features in different sectors in regard to the content, process of development and implementation, determinants, visible and invisible effects. Success factors and drivers of innovative projects and policies affecting them differ, too.
Sectoral differentiation reveals how the participants in the technological chains and sectoral innovation systems interact within the process of creation, integration and deployment of technological, organizational and marketing innovation.
2013. 06. 05.

Research and Innovation Strategies for Smart Specialisation (RIS3): The steps

In order to help regional stakeholders and penholders to design their RIS3, DG Regio and experts are advising them to follow a 6-step path based on the analysis of the strengths of their assets and potential.
2013. 06. 05.

First time innovator

According to different surveys, only 50 % of SMEs are engaged in some type of innovation. This means that there is a need to increase the number of SMEs engaged in this process.
2013. 06. 05.

Entrepreneurial discovery process

The entrepreneurial discovery process is a learning process to select R&D;+I as well as non-technological activities in which a region can hope to excel, in other words: it's a vision about opportunities in existing or emerging sectors.
2013. 06. 05.

Universities in regional innovation policy

Universities can have an impact upon regions through their contribution to human capital, economic, social and cultural development.
2013. 06. 05.

Innovation management in companies

‘Innovation management’ has become a popular term in recent years. It does however stir up divided opinion amongst commentators due to its implicit assumption that innovation can (and should) be a process that can be managed within a company. To some, this goes against everything that innovation should be in terms of creativity; yet to others, it is a necessity that makes innovation work effectively.
2013. 06. 04.

Policy mix

A policy mix describes a combination of different but complementary public policy interventions in the regional economy to achieve a particular objective.
2013. 06. 04.

Policy instruments

Policy instruments are interventions made by government/public authorities in local, national or international economies which are intended to achieve outcomes which conform to the objectives of public policy. They can take many forms, ranging from regulatory régimes to the provision of services to help improve the performance of businesses.
2013. 06. 03.

Financial engineering

It's a combination of various financial instruments aiming at allowing enterprises access to external funding sources. They can be clustered in 4 major groups: grants, loans, equity and guarantees. Most countries/regions are also offering tax holidays.